Growth with Sustainability

Aligned to the Adani Group’s core philosophy “Nation Building” and “Growth with Goodness” we are adding sustainable value globally and contributing to energize our nation. In the pursuit of, we ensure high benchmarks bolster our ties with customers and business partners, positioning ATL as environmentally and socially sensitive market leader. In our pursuit of this vision, we aim to add value to all our businesses by delivering an outstanding performance. We believe that this focus will also deepen our relationships across six capital i.e. Financial, Manufactured, Natural, Human, Intellectual, and Social & Relationship capitals.

This long-term approach empowers our vision to sustain in the dynamic global market scenario for achieving growth and leadership in the transmission sector. At Adani Transmission Limited, sustainability is at the core of what we do. Not only do we see it as a driver for growth but also a key performance metric for our risk management. At the core of sustainability is our focus on value creation across six key capitals.

While the energy we transmit helps support national economic growth and also improves quality of life for millions of people, we also aim to give back to society through our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Thus we strive to be a world-class operator as well as a responsible corporate citizen. Communities residing in the villages situated near substations, transmission lines and project area are key beneficiaries of our CSR activities. Our CSR mission is to play the role of a facilitator for the benefit of people without distinction of caste or community, sect or religion, class or creed – in the field of education, community health and promotion of social and economic welfare and upliftment of people in general.

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