Public Notices
  • License Petition
    Fatehgarh-bhadla Transmission Limited – Petition for Grant of License
  • Sustainability Report
  • Adani Transmission (India) Limited Mid Term Review Petition (Case no. 170 of 2017)
    ATIL MTPR Revised Petition Excel Formats
    Executive Summary ATIL English
    Executive Summary ATIL Marathi
  • MEGPTCL Mid Term Review Petition (Case no. 169 of 2017)
    Executive Summary
    Executive Summary - Marathi - MERC - MEGPTCL MTPR - 169 of 2017
    MEGPTCL Public Notice ENG
    MEGPTCL Public Notice Marathi
    MERC - Revised MTPR Petition Formats- MEGPTCL Final
    MERC Revised MTPR Petition MEGPTCL Final Submitted
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