Adani Transmission Limited is a technology leader. Creating advanced transmission technology assets for the nation is not sufficient unless it is backed with competent operation and maintenance (O&M) support. ATL has a competent O&M team which manages the following portfolio.

Mundra – Mohindergarh Transmission Line ± 500 KV HVDC (989 kms)

We have created the benchmark for the fastest completion of India's first private ± 500kV HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) transmission system, Mundra - Mahendragarh transmission line (989 kms). This HVDC transmission project is the largest of its kind, traversing three states i.e. Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana. This line carries affordable electricity from Mundra power plant to Mahendragarh in Haryana. A HVDC line can transmit bulk power over long distances in a single hop over a single transmission line. Besides being economical over long distances, this technology also minimises transmission losses.

Mundra – Dehgam Transmission Line 400 KV Double Circuit AC (432 kms)

This is the First Adani Transmission project, 400kV Double Circuit Transmission System from Mundra to Dehgam (432 kms), with intermediate Fixed Series Compensation (FSC) switching station at Sami.

Tiroda - Koradi - Akola - Auranagabad Transmission Network Two 765kV Single Circuit AC Network (630kms)

This is the first 765kV transmission system commissioned by a private player in India. The system consists of two 765kV single circuit transmission lines from Tiroda to Aurangabad along with intermediate grid sub stations at Koradi& Akola and is operational.

Tiroda – Warora Transmission Line 400 KV Double Circuit AC (219 kms)

400kV Tiroda - Warora quad double circuit transmission line was commissioned in 2012. Since then it is a major evacuation line from 3300MW power plant at Tiroda under license from Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission.

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