Adani Transmission developed and commissioned a 430kms Long 400kV double circuit transmission line in 2009. This Transmission line also has an intermediate switching sub-station at Sami with two fixed series compensators to enhance the power transfer capacity. 


In the year 2012, the company commissioned the first privately owned HVDC transmission line in India. The transmission system consists of a 1000kms long bi-pole transmission line, a rectifier station at Mundra (Gujarat) and an inverter station at Mahendragarh (Haryana). This system has a power transfer capacity of 2500MW.


The company is also the first private transmission company to own and commission 765kV AC transmission system. Apart from these, Adani Transmission has constructed and operates various 400kV and 765kV transmission lines and sub stations. The company executes its businesses as a transmission utility and EPC contractor for transmission.

  • Location Map of Transmission Projects of Adani Transmission
    Transmission Project Ckt. Km Remarks
    ± 500kV Mundra-M’garh HVDC line 1980 In Operation
    33KV D/C Mundra –Bhadai Earth Electrode 64 In Operation
    33KV D/C M’garh –Kaithal Earth Electrode 376 In Operation
    400kV D/C Mundra-Dehgam 868 In Operation
    400kV D/C Mohindergarh-Bhiwani 100 In Operation
    400kV D/C Mohindergarh-Dhanoda 10 In Operation
    400kV D/C Tiroda-Warora (Quad) 438 In Operation
    400kV D/C Akola-I to Akola-II (Quad) 60 In Operation
    765kV S/C Tiroda-Koradi III-Akola II 360 In Operation
    765kV S/C Tiroda- Koradi-III – Aurangabad-1 580 In Operation
    765kV S/C Tiroda- Koradi-III – Akola 2 356 In Operation
    Completed Ckt. Km (A): 5192
    765kV S/C Akola II-Aurandabad-Ckt2 219 Under Const.
    Under Const. Ckt Km (B): 219
    Total Circuit Km (C:A+B) 5411
  • Location Map for Substation/Terminal Projects
    Substation/Terminal Capacity (MVA) Remarks
    ± 500kV, 2500MW, HVDC Terminal at Mundra 2500 In Operation
    765/400kV Akola-II Substation 1500 In Operation
    Electrode Station at Mundra - In Operation
    400/220kV Mundra Switchyard 630 In Operation
    400kV Switching Station at Sami - In Operation
    400kV Bays at Dehgam Substation - In Operation
    ± 500kV, 2500MW, HVDC Terminal at Mohindergarh 2500 In Operation
    Electrode Station at Mohindergarh - In Operation
    400kV Bays at Bhiwani SS - In Operation
    765/400kV Tiroda Substation 1500 In Operation
    400kV Bays at Warora Substation - In Operation
    765/400kV Koradi-III Substation 3000 In Operation
    765kV Bays at Aurangabad Substation Under Const

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