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    Name of Project: 220 kV and 132 kV Grid Substation and associated transmission lines and associated scheme/works under RAJ/PPP-8

    Circuit Length – 115 Ckms

    Transformation Capacity – 310 MVA

    Concession / TSA Term: 115 Ckms

    Circuit Length – 35 Years

    Regulator – Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission

    Project Rating – A- (CARE)

    Beneficiary State / Off-taker – Rajasthan

    Business Model – Build Own Operate Maintain

    Project Mode – Intra State

    Project Highlights

    • Before time completion of the Project
    • Proven historical operating performance – achieved availability higher than target availability
    • Strong O&M team with maintenance plan ensuring periodic maintenance
    • Counter party risk protection through Payment Pooling Mechanism
    • Counter party risk linked to CTU (PGCIL)
    • Fixed tariff – all tariff through non escalable component
  • About the Project

    Hadoti Power Transmission Ltd was incorporated on May 10, 2013.HTSL was awarded to ATL (Adani Transmission Ltd.) by Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Ltd. on Mar 31, 2017 for 25 year period on BOOM basis. HPTSL entered into a Transmission Service Agreement with Long Term Transmission Customer on Aug 11, 2017.

    The transmission system established under HPTSL meets the power demand in the Rajasthan state. HPTSL operates five EHV overhead transmission lines with total circuit length of approximately 115 Ckms and five nos. Grid substation of 310 MVA capacity in the state of Rajasthan. The project construction started in November 2017 and completed in Feb 2019 and project was fully commissioned in Feb 2019.

    Numerous challenges were encountered and dealt with while completing the project. Three key challenges encountered and successfully dealt with were –

    • Severe Right of Way issue :

    There was severe resistance faced during construction of project in the region of Kota, Peeplu. This was overcome with close coordination with stakeholders and proactive support from administration.

    • Hard Rock Soil Starta and Hilly substation Location :

    Hard Rock soil strata was encountered during the construction of line in Kota area. This was overcome using innovative techniques and construction methodology. The substation location at Chitri and Bambora were at hilly location.

    • Scattered Locations :

    Since, all the elements were scattered in Rajasthan state, arranging for logistic was a challenging task. Close coordination with all suppliers and using centralized storage and semi storage at Substation helped ensure effective supply chain management.

  • Project Details
    Transmission line/Substation Route Length (Ckms) Specification Scheduled COD Actual COD
    LILO 220kV S/C Kota-Badod & Kota- Modak Line at Ranpur, LILO of 132 kV S/C Kota - Mandana Town line, LILO of 132 kV S/C Mahaveer Nagar Deoli Manjhi line & 220kV GSS Ranpur, Kota Dist. 30 220 kV D/C (Hexa)

    132 kV D/C (Panther)
    Feb-2019 20-Feb-2019
    132kV S/C Malpura –Peeplu Line & 132kV GSS Peeplu, Tonk Dist. 40 132 kV S/C (Panther) 13-Jan-2019
    LILO of 132 kV S/C Seemalwara - Sagwara line & 132kV GSS Chitri, Dungarpur Dist. 4 132 kV D/C (Panther) 30-Apr-2018
    132 kV GSS Salumbar S/C line associated with 132 kV GSS Bambora & )132kV GSS Bambora, Udaipur Dist. 25 132 kV S/C (Panther) 06-Jan-2019
    LILO of 132 kV S/C Nadbai – Weir line associated with 132 kV GSS Khatoti & )132kV GSS Khatoti, Bharatpur Dist. 16 132 kV D/C (Panther) 05-May-2018
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