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Headquartered at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Adani Transmission Limited is the transmission business arm of the Indian business conglomerate - Adani Group.


Be it Engineering, Construction management or Operation & Maintenance, Adani Transmission Limited has significant presence in the Indian Transmission Sector.


When the Adani Group entered Power generation, power transmission was within the scope of the state and central transmission entities. The team quickly realized that these organizations would never be able to match Adani’s speed and would cause a bottleneck when it came to evacuation of the power we generate.


Well known for its speed of project execution and customer satisfaction, Adani Transmission Limited has established around 5000 kms of transmission network in less than 4 years to ensure seamless evacuation of power.


Adani Transmission Limited established India’s only Private 1000 km HVDC transmission system for efficient transmission of power to the state of Haryana with maximum evacuation capacity of 2500MW in 2011. 


Adani Transmission Limited has also a dedicated Operation & Maintenance (O & M) team for effective running of its assets. This becomes even more relevant in the Scenario where stringent Availability norms as set by the grid regulators such as CERC & MERC. As against the normative availability figures of 98% for HVAC System and 95% for HVDC systems as stipulated by Grid regulators, Adani Transmission is able to maintain consistently over 99% availability figures for both HVAC and HVDC systems respectively which is a milestone in itself.




  • Adani Transmission Limited is the First private company to use a Pre fabricated steel structure valve hall in India.
  • Adani Transmission Limited is First Private Company in India to execute 765 KV Transmission lines & Substations in the state of Maharashtra.
  • We are the First Company in the world to have obtained approval for our Transmission line methodology under CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) from UNFCCC.
  • We are the First Company to have executed a typical π (Pi) shape tower at Sami substation with 6 phases Quad Moose strung on same beam.
  • In 2015, Adani Transmission Limited became the first Private company which built and put in operation the First 765kV Transmission system from Tiroda-Koradi-Akola-Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra as a transmission licensee.


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